The 2009 Camaro An Automotive Revolution

As far as I can see the new 2009 Camaro concept car is being very well received in the automotive community, at the first a lot of people hemmed and hawed about one thing or another, just the same as I did. But after spending some time doing a little research on it, I discovered that the 2009 Camaro is a very well put together car for a concept car.At first I thought that it could use a few upgrades, but after thinking about it, there were a lot of Camaro fans putting in their two cents when Chevrolet took the Camaro out of production, in 2002, and I thought that Chevrolet had made a horrible mistake at the time.The result of a lot of people telling Chevrolet what they thought the new Camaro should be, has made it a real work of art, and I for one will give Chevrolet their kudos. They have put a lot of effort in to making the Camaro a car that most people could like, and if they didn’t at the first, then they’d get used to it.At SEMA the CEO of Chevrolet drove out in the new Camaro concept car, and their wasn’t a dry eye in the house, but the return of an icon will bring out the joy and happiness to a lot of people, when the big man spoke about the car he said: a few things would be changed at the time of release, but nothing major, he’d mentioned that, right now it has 22″ wheels on the rear end, and that will be changed to 20″ when the car is released.The front wheels are destined for a change also, for from 21″ to 20″, nothing that will be to noticeable, but it will help them save some money on the production of the car, he also said that there were going to be some changes in the interior also, they would change the center consol from stainless steel to plastic, in an effort to save money on the production.All this is supposed to keep the base price on the car down to the $20,000 range, and that says a lot for their efforts to sell their new cars, in this range almost anybody can afford to own one of them.The Camaro concept with it’s low slung stance, it has the look of a sports car, while still retaining it’s identity as a muscle car, Chevrolet has done brilliant work on this car, and will get one big “YAY” form this muscle car maniac.

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