Mr Car Wash vs Buying an Online Automotive Detailing Kit

If you buy a Mr. Carwash System from Wal-Mart depending on the setting you might be able to wash your car for lets say $1.00 to $2.50 and that makes sense for a DIY Do-It-Yourselfer right? Sure, but if you have a high-end luxury automobile then you will also need put some wax on there too, clean the windows, wipe off the dash and tire dressing shine as well.

Even professional auto detailers using quality products cannot wash a car for under $2.50 in supplies anymore. I think our costs on the professional level were even slightly higher than the Mr. Carwash System high-end figure and remember we were buying bulk. The company I was formerly CEO of was The Detail Guys. Prices are also way up now and mind you that auto detailing companies cannot even get Scotch Guard anymore, EPA pretty much ruined that, there was a huge write up on that at the 1999 SEMA Show news.

Would a luxury car owner DIY buy an auto detailing kit for $75.00 to $100.00 if they knew it were available? Well yes and no. You see if you design a detailing kit with this market in mind and to fill that niche then you must also understand that a higher-end clientele is more apt to hire a Detailing Company like ours or a local company to Do-It-For-Them rather than DIY. That void is being sufficiently cared for and there are huge distribution networks in the auto products networks and distributors; IE. Beauty Shine, AutoMagic, Meguirars, etc.

It is good to study all sorts of online business case studies in order to get a feel for what will work and what will not. Remember just because you sell online does not mean that you do not have to compete with Big Box Stores and their competitive products. I hope this article will propel thought in 2007.

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