The Green Luxury Car – Lincoln C Concept

Where have all the luxury cars gone?It seems as though nice cars have been put on the back burner while small, cheap cars take their place. There’s nothing wrong with small cheap cars, but there is something wrong with taking away the nice cars.Lincoln seems to have a solution to this. They call it the “C” Concept. It’s a completely green luxury car with the capacity to change how we think about automobiles – and is downright cool.The “C” gets its styling from the ever-so-popular box car design, but Lincoln has rounded it off quite a bit. On the exterior one might say that a VW New Beetle and a Chrysler PT Cruiser ran into a Lincoln Navigator and formed what we see as the “C”. On the interior, the Bladerunner-esque ergonomic seats make you want to take a nap while the panoramic instrument panel invites you back to the future. While you’re marveling at the design the “C” senses your presence and greets you with a customizable avatar that proceeds to go over your schedule with you and alerts you to any e-mails or text messages that you’ve received.Assuming you’ve cleaned up the mess you’ve made while you were drooling and decided to take the 1.6L EcoBoost powered vehicle for an environmentally friendly spin you’ll probably notice that your “C” winks at other “C”s that it comes across on the road. Just a little flash from the headlight closest to the other “C”.Here’s something for the audiophiles. Fingertip controls for GPS Navigation, Satellite Radio, MP3 Players, and Social Networking. Lincoln has yet to define social networking in this respect, but it will be interesting none the less.Hopefully this will be one car we’ll be “C”ing a lot of in the future.

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